Registration and Welcome Coffee
Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI, Germany) Slides
Kimmo Rossi (European Commission, Luxembourg) Slides
Opening Keynotes
Chair: Josef van Genabith (Dublin City University, Ireland)
10:00–10:30 Will Lewis (Microsoft, USA):
"Haitian Creole: Developing MT for a Low Data Language" Slides
10:30–11:00 Lori Thicke (Translators without Borders, France):
"Translation Technology for Fighting World Poverty" Slides
Session: Research and Innovation
Chair: Nicoletta Calzolari (Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale "Antonio Zampolli", Italy)
11:00–11:20 Heyan Huang (Beijing Institute of Technology, China):
"Recent Progresses on MT and Language Information Processing of CCLIE & BIT" Slides
11:20–11:40 Jaap van der Meer (TAUS, The Netherlands):
"TAUS Data Association: News and Roadmap" Slides
11:40–12:00 Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI, Germany):
"META-NET: Towards the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance" Slides
12:00–12:20 Josef van Genabith (Dublin City University, Ireland):
"Evaluation, Localization and Open Source Tools in EuroMatrixPlus" Slides
12:20–12:30 Questions and discussion
Session: Language Industries
Chair: Joseph Mariani (LIMSI-CNRS, France)
13:30–13:45 Willem Stoeller (Lingotek, USA):
"Community Translation, what is it, when to use it, how to manage it" Slides
13:45–14:00 Antoine Rey (Welocalize, Ireland):
"Welocalize Open Source efforts and MT integration" Slides
14:00–14:15 Andrejs Vasiljevs (Tilde, Latvia):
"LetsMT! – Towards Cloud-Based Service for MT Generation" Slides
Panel: Small Languages
Chair: Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen (Danish Language Council, Denmark)
14:15–14:25 Maltese: Mike Rosner (University of Malta, Malta) Slides
14:25–14:35 Latvian: Andrejs Vasiljevs (Tilde, Latvia) Slides
14:35–14:45 Dutch: Alice Dijkstra (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, The Netherlands) Slides
Short statements by each panelist (ten minutes each) plus 15 minutes of discussion.
Session: Machine Translation Industries
Chair: Gudrun Magnusdottir (ESTeam, Sweden)
15:00–15:15 Kirti Vashee (Asia Online, Thailand, USA):
"Asia Online Technology Platform Overview & Vision" Slides
15:15–15:30 Mikel Forcada (Apertium, Ireland):
"Free/Open-Source Machine Translation: The Apertium Platform" Slides
15:30–15:45 Julia Epiphantseva (ProMT, Russia):
"Flexible and efficient management of translation quality" Slides
Coffee Break
Session: Machine Translation Users
Chair: Gabor Proszeky (MorphoLogic Kft, Hungary)
16:15–16:30 Patrizia Biani (European Patent Office, Germany):
"The Evolution of the European Machine Translation Programme at the EPO" Slides
16:30–16:45 Spyridon Pilos (European Commission, DG Translation, Luxembourg):
"New Developments on MT at the European Commission" Slides
16:45–17:00 Fred Hollowood (Symantec, Ireland):
"2010: The Industrialisation of MT" Slides
Closing Keynote
Chair: Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI, Germany)
17:00–17:40 Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen (Danish Language Council, Denmark):
"Language Change and Linguistic Diversity – Future Challenges for MT" Slides
Final Discussion