About Translingual Europe 2010

Translingual Europe 2010 is the third European conference on new developments and applications in translation technology. The event will take place on June 7th in the centre of Berlin. It will be connected with Localization World 2010.

As its predecessors, Translingual Europe 2010 aims to inform the invited representatives of industry, commerce, research and administration about recent progress in translation technology. A variety of applications will be demonstrated and discussed. A further purpose of the meeting is the deliberation in the opportunities and challenges for European research, development and technology transfer in this important application area of Information and Communication Technology.

Translingual Europe 2010 will be an event where the developers of new translingual technologies can meet potential and actual users of such technologies – and vice versa.
The co-location with Localization World will improve your opportunities of sharing your experience, learning from others and making new profitable contacts.

June 1st, 2010: Registration closed.
May 26th, 2010: Titles of presentations published.
May 15th, 2010: List of speakers published.